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“Aging is not an unalterable process of decline and loss. Hormones are now responsible for this change in attitude. Therefore, routine medical intervention programs offering long term replacement therapy with one or more hormones to delay the aging process, allowing us to live for a longer period in a relatively intact state are becoming popular.”Biomedicina 2000 Jan;Vol 3( 1):6-7.

“Hormone replacement prevents weight gain. HRT favors weight loss by increasing lipid oxidative, improves insulin response and lowers plasma lipids.” Maturitas 1999 Aug;16 32(3): 147 -53.


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How to Achieve Healthy Aging 2nd Edition Paperback – 2007



The National Institute of Aging has granted funds to seven U.S. universities to study hormone replacement therapy. Current worldwide research has shown that hormone replacement slows both the deterioration and symptoms associated with aging, and enhances the immune system. This new field of medicine is becoming popular among physicians. Through research journals, the internet, conferences and my own patient care, I have been able to stay current in anti-aging medicine and therefore provide the best, most modern and proven health care possible. Almost daily, researchers are making breakthroughs, which I evaluate and make available to my patients. My own personal experience coupled with my extensive clinical experience has provided me an invaluable database and expertise.

I encourage you to review all of the information contained in this website and then contact us. We will be pleased to discuss our Hormone Replacement Therapy Program and how it might benefit your unique situation. At the Preventive Medicine Clinic, we provide the basics for optimal health and longevity.